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Homeschool computer programming for high schoolers, Computer Science Pure and SimpleThe beloved award-winning classic, re-issued with programming lessons only, for grade 7 and up. Prepare your teen for the 21st century.

Winner of Practical Homeschooling Magazine’s 2010 AND 2011 AND 2012 first-place Reader Award for Computer Science (chosen by reader poll).

Thousands of homeschoolers have used this curriculum, including Nathan Harris, age 16: “I started programming earlier this year at a class in which we used Microsoft Visual Basic. Needless to say, Logo is remarkably easier to understand and more enjoyable.

See what others are saying about it!

What is Logo?

Logo is a computer language designed to teach kids reasoning skills. It gives kids feedback that delights them.

The kids command a tiny robot turtle carrying a pen and a bucket. They tell it where to go on the page, giving commands like forward 50 (go forward 50 turtle steps). The turtle draws lines as commanded and dumps colors. For animations, the turtle assumes a variety of shapes.

Not only is Logo great for teaching reasoning to kids, but it has all the bells and whistles of a robust programming language, including parallel processing. So it’s a natural for teaching sophisticated programming to teens. Skills learned on it transfer easily to other languages. This curriculum uses Logo as formulated in MicroWorlds software, now available at substantial discount for buyers of these books from www.microworlds.com.

The combined edition book (paperback, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 204 pages including answer key) provides a comprehensive introduction to:

  • Beginning programming using the Logo language as found in MicroWorlds software, creating drawings and animations. See a video tour: a student’s drawing and animation.
  • More sophisticated programming using Logo, combining what we have learned to create simple games. (See a page.)

Take a look at some student work. Note that your child’s will no doubt look quite different from these.

Do you worry about exposing your child to violent computer games? Using Computer Science Pure and Simple, your teen can create his or her own games!

How do we make these games?

Here’s a line of code from a maze game:

when [colorunder = 15] [announce [sorry, you lose!]]

(For programming parents, here are the skills we learn: looping, incrementing, if-then statements, if-then-else, use of variables, starting with diagrams, and so on–the usual tools of programming.)

What about tech support?

  • I have tutorials to get you started on the Support page.
  • Check the appendix on troubleshooting.
  • Look at my FAQ on the Support page.
  • If all that fails, email me with your question at info “at” motherboardbooks.com. I answer emails as soon as I can, normally within a day.

The Logo software disk is provided directly by a Canadian company that worked closely with Logo’s creators at MIT and sells to top-quality schools around the world. Purchasers of these books will receive information about how to buy a download or a disk at more than 50 percent off.

Features for Computer Science Pure and Simple :
– Uses the Logo computer language, developed just for kids at MIT
– Teaches fun programming concepts, including looping and if-then statements
– Teaches preparation for creating complex structures, such as pseudocode and logic diagrams
– Intended for grades 7 and up
– Tailored for one year of homeschooling and one high-school credit, using self-study book & answer key


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What are others saying about this curriculum?

“I’ve spent this school year working through both Computer Science Pure and Simple Book 1 and Book 2. They have been extremely enjoyable for me. I started programming earlier this year at a class in which we used Microsoft Visual Basic. Needless to say, Logo is remarkably easier to understand and more enjoyable.”–Nathan Harris, age 16, Lyman, ME.

“My son has enjoyed your Pure and Simple curriculum. He loves computers and it has been a tremendous way for him to learn.” –Juanita Otieno, Brookhaven PA

“I have been using your computer science program and I am really enjoying it. Usually I do what you tell me and then try to take it to a new level on my own. Once again, I really appreciate your course. I have always been extremely interested in computers, so I relish the opportunity to learn programming and advance any skills I have in that area. I hope you enjoy my programs, they took a lot of work, but I think the end result is worth it.”–Shane Smith, age 16, Kansas

“Your course has been extremely helpful for us and I’m thankful that you have written it!!”–Tammy Zilinski, East Dundee IL

“I have homeschooled my twin daughters now for eight years and for the last two years they have done your Computer Science Pure and Simple book one and book two and we have really enjoyed it.  It has also helped me to show our school district that we are trying to keep the kids up to date with doing computers.”–Susan Bizari, Rochester NY

“My 13 year-old son, Tom, started the Computer Science Pure and Simple Book 1 just last week. I’m so happy to report that he absolutely loves working with MicroWorlds, and is flying through the lessons. He is working on his own, as we don’t have a co-op in our area. He doesn’t mind though, since he’s able to go at his own pace. Thank you for providing this wonderful computer curriculum. It’s great to have a lesson that he thinks is just plain fun!”–Becky Ascough, Lecanto, FL ”

Concerning Computer Science Pure and Simple, I would say that I was thrilled to find it because it seems that there is very little available which is appropriate for young learners. My son is thirteen, and once he got through the first couple of lessons, I couldn’t get him to stop. He has programmed various games, including mazes, hangman, a house building game, and a Star Wars attack game. I highly recommend it.”–Judy Jenkins, Delmar DE

“I am a sophomore in high school, and this exciting program is my favorite subject in school!”–Stephen Smith, age 15.

“Thank you so much for the books (Computer Science Pure and Simple and Logo Adventures). I have four children whom I homeschool, and now there are arguments over who uses the computer. The books are great. Once again many thanks.”–From Katie Bennett,Warooka, South Australia


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On sale $5 off: previous editions, which include work with MS Office 2010 and earlier, spreadsheet and HTML programming, covering two years of work. MicroWorlds disks also available at a discount from the manufacturer for these books:

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